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Grey Ghost Chapter, Nam Knights of America MC

Grey GhostMembers of the Grey Ghost Chapter consist of active duty Military personnel, former and retired military veterans, and active duty Law Enforcement personnel. If you are eligible to wear one of the ribbons shown above, or if you are an active duty or retired Police Officer, you may be eligible for membership in the Nam Knights of America Motorcycle Club.

Most members of the Nam Knights of America Motorcycle Club have sworn an oath to put the welfare of others ahead of their own welfare as a member of the US Military or as a law enforcement officer. Jack Quigley, Nam Knights Founder, has said, "The club was formed to recapture the brotherhood its founding members shared while serving in Southeast Asia, and to help other veterans of all wars who are unable to physically or financially help themselves." Accordingly, part of the Grey Ghost Chapter commitment is in raising funds to support veteran and law enforcement charities. This type of commitment does not appeal to everyone, but it does to those of us who share the characteristics of service to others and to our community.

The Nam Knights is an independent motorcycle club and members are not affiliated with any other motorcycle club, coalition, group, council, or association. Membership is by invitation, and all members are required to own and ride at least one Harley Davidson motorcycle. There is a "hang-around" period which is followed by a "Prospect" period. This process can take up to a year before a prospect might be elected a full member of the Nam Knights.

If you would like to know more about the Grey Ghost Chapter, please send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to our Chapter President.

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